Human for thousands of years observed the ability of bees to produce honey and worked with it to export !

He also observed that bees has a poisonous stinger to secure their hive, but he rather avoided it than cooperate with it..

beeSAFE AutoLock is the first product worldwide that deals with the cooperation of beekeeper with bee for securing the hive!

Designed by hackers who managed to unlock the most advanced security systems in the field of video games , in collaboration with the poisonous stinger of thousands of bees containing a hive, results in the stronger lock will ever this planet find...

Humans will make a step forward
and definatelly stop stealing bees!

The kingdom of the bees, free of malicious humans, will continue to exist on the planet even after the extinction of the humankind ...
coming soon ...

For beehive makers
If you are bee hives manufacturer and you want to synchronize your products with the addition of beeSAFE AutoLock, please contact us.