Humanity after millions of years of evolution, managed to travel in space, but failed to autocure children defects, such as theft.

A hacker from Ikaria, with the help of his Teacher,
manages to unlock the most advanced electronic systems and notes that one of the most profitable industries in the world is moving after him.

At the begining he made hacking looking nice, by designing beautiful colored boards and not the used green colour.
Nobody used the green color again ...

Then he made hacking looking easy, by designing products that can be installed by children, while his competitors, requiring expensive tools and fitting by specialists.

Finally made hacking moving in 3rd dimension using flexible boards, which were used only in space applications at that time...

Many times released
its products,
first in the world!
To keep on top requires absolute dedication, knowledge and swiftness.
Such swiftness unnatural for the human kind , almost being able to predict the future ...

He thinks that He is a God

and that's why he named his site

From his early pure steps in this world, he had the luck to learn Greek Mythology and more specifically about the Myth of Icarus, that for a moment of his life thought to be God and he paid it with his life, having a terrible ending.

o keep his mind in the right mode, decides to deal with beekeeping and land smoothly on Earth.

His bees were developing nice and continually get better until the moment he goes with big pleasure to harvest honey and sees that they are missing.
Someone had stolen ...

He find it difficult to believe that while he has helped thousands of users worldwide to steal illegal software by large companies,
now he is the victim!

Immediately regrets his previous occupation and changes side, setting himself against robber designing the ultimate beekeeping lock,
beeSAFE AutoLock!