• The "Philosophy" of beekeeping, based on the cooperation of beekeeper with the bees
    in order to achieve common goals.

  • Nature has endowed the bee
    with the possibility of making honey.
    Man exploited it.!

  • Nature has provided bees
    with sting for hive protection.
    Man avoided it...

  • However, the common goal of beekeepers and bees
    is to keep colonies intact

  • In this site, beekeepers and bees will cooperate in order to protect the hive.
    Humans will stop stealing Bees!

  • The greatest ideas based on simple thing that we face every day,
    but we can not understand how important they are!

  • The combination of simple ideas
    can lead to results
    beyond human imagination.

  • Can someone
    move the Earth?

    Answer: NO!

  • Does people like
    multiple bites of bees?

    Answer: NO!

  • The combination of two questions leads to the fact that humanity will cure the disease of stealing
    and bees will left alone in nature to harvest honey!

One more part of our lock
is now ready!

Piece by piece,
every part of our lock
is finished!

human kind will stop...
stealing bees!